Liz Harris has been awfully busy this year finding time to release a split with Xiu Xiu, clock in some time with Badgerlore and release a couple of choice LPs. Root Strata released the vinyl only Cover The Windows and the Walls a little earlier this year and what a murky lungful of water it is. Like constantly gazing through lenses smeared with Vaseline, her songs are obscured and contorted into beautifully lulling blurs. Harris's brand of droney tape ceremonies echo as if traversing miles of caves only to wash lightly at your ears, their original meaning worn away by time and distance. Harris's tireless work schedule doesn't seem to be a current fluke; she's taken a tour of a large chunk of great labels so far this year (Weird Forrest, States Rights, Type) and according to her site she's hitting a few more before the year is out. Get in on her releases when you see them because they don't tend to stick around in huge quantities.

[MP3] Grouper -Cover the Windows and the Walls
[MP3] Grouper -Follow In Our Dreams
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