Keeping in line with his label's tendency towards a new breed of dark, instrumental nightmares, Tommy Jansen has created a haunting album that revolves around a theme of doomed ships. Every second of Sistereis seems closer to the tidal breath; water creeps in everywhere and the starkly melancholic drones and orchestration clamp down tight on your lungs. Probably the closest comparison to the feelings evoked by this album come from labelmate Svarte Greiner's last work Knive and its easy to see why he has chosen to release Jansen's album on his own Miasmah imprint. The gloomy textures that cloud the album create a complete feeling of hopelessness and an edge of dread that stalks you like the knowledge of approaching death. Sistereis is the first in a trilogy of albums that will center on historical events. Here's hoping the next two are as incredibly dark and foreboding as this.

[MP3] Elegi -Fyrtrnet Part 1
[MP3] Elegi -Sistereis
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just bought a copy of this, and I agree: this is an awesome record. I'm really rather taken with the Miasmah label.

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