D. Charles Speer

No Neck Blues Band cohort and member Dave Shuford strikes out on his own with a roots leaning singer songwriter album under the name of D. Charles Speer. Some Forgotten Country is littered with road dust and stompin' on the back porch with its acoustic charm, but every now and again Shuford bends in just the slightest hint of psych on the strings to keep it from hitting the Takoma vibe too heartily. The songs mix together an updated feeling of traditional homespun tales and a new streak of the weary troubadour. Shuford has a baritone that rumbles softly and comfortingly over the crest of it all, providing the real charm that ties the whole bundle together and keeps you wanting more. Not entirely what I was expecting given the NNK connection but it seems those boys have splintered every which way these days. The LP sees release via Sound @ 1 records and a handsome slab it is. Pick it up if you see it or head on over to Fusetron.

[MP3] D. Charles Speer -Furze
[MP3] D. Charles Speer -The Janissaries
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