Dan Snaith follows up his much lauded The Milk of Human Kindness with a bit of a departure from his glitch infested psych party... new album, new label and a new sound. Andorra, set to be released in August on Merge is a dreamy psych-pop showcase that brings a focus in on vocals and song structure over his past tendencies to focus on electronics as a medium rather than an enhancement. Needless to say the production is in top form as it retains much of Snaith's ability to merge strident, heavy beats with the delicacies of soft psych. Snaith trades in some of the skiff and skitter for a bit of flute and soaring vocal arrangements; bringing him out of the lonesome laptop corner and into full 60's sunshine pop. Though it wasn't really what I was expecting from his new album the gentle touch of baroque psych pop is a welcome distraction from this year's more standard fare of indie pop albums.

[MP3] Caribou -Melody Day
[MP3] Caribou -Eli
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't given this a super thorough listen as of yet, but what I've heard is quite lovely.

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