Another shot of garage, pop and psych from the Jukebox. Picking a few of the gems from the discarded remains of the psychedelic detritus and skewing to a harder edge of the garage this week, a gritty sense of self-righteousness and a whole lot of swagger and sneer.

[MP3] The Mooche -Hot Smoke and Sassafras
A low, dirty rock and a heavy blast of organ announce the arrival of The Mooche. This is just out of the garage and heading towards the arena sounds of heavy psych. This song is killer from the classic stutter of strings that open it through the graveled vocals that permeate its sweaty delivery. A perfect time just before the wave of heavy rock would crash into the cliffs.

[MP3] The Mickey Finn-Garden of my Mind
Building off of the heavy R&B sound, The Mickey Finn craft a deep sinister slide towards druggy psychedelia. Long before this track, Jimmy Page was known to play with the band and it seems his knack for heavy blues rubbed off on the group. Thumping bass and shredded guitar knock this one out of the garage and sprawling wildly into the streets.

[MP3] The Smoke -That's What I Want
I've already established my love for The Smoke's ability to capture the druggy, propulsive feeling of the acid era. This one falls after their debut album and hits hard with a definite blues chug overlaid with their typical drug centered lyrics and highly effected guitar hyjinks. The real sound of London youth represented.

[MP3] The Orange Peel-I Got No Name
Throwing a huge mash of heavy rock and funk together like a much harder Sly Stone, The Orange Peel burst forth on this single with a groove that shatters the ground. A rubbery bass runs its course underneath and acts as the only thing that can nail the track down; the guitars and vocals seemingly ready to fly out of control at any moment.

[MP3] Shocking Blue-Send Me A Postcard
This track nearly knocked me over the first time I heard it, having only been familiar with Shocking Blue through their hit "Venus" previously. Honestly though, this is steadily climbing up to be one of my favorite singles of the era. Take one listen to Mariska Veres' voice and tell me that she doesn't stand alongside the most powerful and passionate singers of her generation. Wild, raw and completely unhinged; this is the kind of track that makes me cherish my hearing.

[MP3] Wimple Winch-I Really Love You
A soulful delivery and a light pop swagger always permeated Wimple Winch's catalog and this song is no different. It swings with a completely cookie cutter garage bass line but vamp's it up with some catchy vocals and a sing-a-long sixties chorus that makes you forgive the transgressions of being a second tier act. A cool easy rocker that hits all the right places with the best of them.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These posts of old psychedelic gems are by far my favourite of your posts. please keep these up

4:44 PM  
Blogger Pete Birch said...

Superb! The quality of your garage posts is spot-on. keeps me coming back for more.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the above two comments. your extraordinary tastes are just what i'm looking for, and miles ahead of anything on today!

1:57 AM  

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