Acid-skronk warriors Racoo-oo-oon have a penchant for dark and noisy walls of chaos. In most cases their nocturnal moniker captures the spirit accurately as they tear at your ears and scurry off into the surrounding darkness. However, on Behold Secret Kingdom there are some brief moments of "lighter" tone but nothing resembling bliss or a foray into sunshiny days. Mostly they follow their sinister impulses down a ragged path to the secret hollow namesake of the album and proceed to clear-cut jagged rhythms and torrents of sound into your brain. Pure dark fires that burn with a welcome disorienting smoke, drums skitter and shake while howls and moans lurk in every corner breaking out of a haphazard guitar chug. Honestly, this band has only made itself better and more pungent with every album. The band is selling CD-r versions of the album on tour and it looks like it will see a proper dual release on Release the Bats and Not Not Fun sometime in the future.

[MP3] Racoo-oo-oon-Mirror Blanket
[MP3] Racoo-oo-oon-Invisible Sun
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