As Baltimore takes its place as the premiere center for the exportation of spazz, the warehouse scene is seeing its artists eagerly picked up by labels. Monitor has gabbed a few of the frontrunners of the scene but best of all has to be Ponytail. The band, which might pass for a spazzier version of Parts & Labor has distinguished itself by its erratic if completely unbelievable vocals. Singer Molly Siegal shrieks, squeaks and produces any other number of indecipherable sounds over the band's own seemingly tireless brand of punk. The end result being an aural ride in the dryer that leaves your head fuzzy and confused but ultimately giddy as a 5 year old. The bands album Kamehameha was released earlier this year via Creative Capitalism and will I'm sure have more explosive tidbits to come in the next year.

[MP3] Ponytail -Dear God Plz Make My2eyes N2 One
[MP3] Ponytail -Lion Down
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