Ok digging back a couple of years here for a classic Psych-pop single.

All Night Radio - All Night Radio/ Flying Bat Factory 12"
Following the demise of Beachwood Sparks, Dave Scher teamed up with friend Jimi Hey for a near perfect slice of psych-pop under the alias All Night Radio. The name referred to their meeting as DJ and listener of
Scher's college radio show. They disbanded after one album and one tour. This 12" preceded the album and was hand screened by the band members. The a-side would go on to close out the album in a longer format but the b-side scrapes together seemingly every influence they could find. It's a trip through sweet psych, hip-hop beats and sound collage all rolled into a swirly entertaining mess. I have to admit I was a little heartbroken when this duo called it quits. They were definitely my favorite of the Beachwood offshoots.

[MP3] All Night Radio -All Night Radio (Flying Bat Factory Mix)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely agree with, "favorite Beachwood offshoots." I'm just glad I actually caught a show before it was all over.

The last thing I saw Farmer Dave do was sit in with Jonathan Wilson playing lap steel guitar, wearing a Vietnam T-shirt with a feather in his hat. And the last time I saw Jimi Hey in a band was drenched the erratic framing of strobe lights, making incredible noise with Indian Jewelry. And though I liked what they did with these projects, still can't compare to All Night Radio...

And speaking of Beachwood Sparks, Further is my other favorite family relation!

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