Meg Baird

Espers member and full time Baird Sister, Meg has crafted a solo album of sweet pastoral folk songs that blow with a cool plaintive wind of sadness and hope. Meg has been a pivotal member of the folk collective Espers and has long since been a collaborator with her sister Kathleen but this album focuses completely on her own voice and the spare strum of guitar. Sounding a bit more British than her American heritage would let on, her voice is strong and unwavering without a single shred of uncertainty. Baird sings in the sweet countryside tradition, as if the songs weren't written to be heard by the world but by those she's loved and those that happen luckily by as she sings. Cool stream songs delivered with candor and honesty; folk in the most traditional of senses. The first single from the album "The Waltze of the Tennis Players" has been released on 7" by Tequila Sunrise and Drag City has picked up the album Dear Companion.

[MP3] Meg Baird -Dear Companion
[MP3] Meg Baird -The Waltze of the Tennis Players
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