LSD March

This rare gem of the Japanese psychedelic underground has been reissued for the second time. Empty Rubious Red was released in a limited run on vinyl in early 2006 and in an expanded form on CD later in the year. The album was gone before it was barely on the shelves. Tequila Sunrise, the label responible for classics by Jack Rose, Meg Baird and a few other nuggets of the psych-folk variety has graciouly reissued this on 180g vinyl in heavy beautiful packaging. The record itself is a kind of deep midnight stoner folk; like a calm smoke filled couch session that breaks into a manic hysteria. The record rides the nighttime living room jam for a little over the first side before finding a sudden surge of fire in the form of the title track; a disjointed tension that builds into a squall of fuzz. A masterful offering from two of the leaders of the scene, shinsuke michishita is joined by the subtle rumble of ikuro takahashi's(fushitsusha/ nagisa ni te) sticks on a couple of tracks. A sick dark tumble down the drainpipe that can only lead to good things. Empty Rubious Red is out now in a limited run of 1000 copies, 800 of which are in the U.S. so if you see a copy pick it up.

[MP3] LSD March-The Present Is A Storm
[MP3] LSD March-Nude and Bizarre
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