Gang Gang Dance

In preparation for a new album coming out later this year, the inimitable Gang Gang Dance has released a DVD that is one part psych-stoner art film and one part tour retrospective (of sorts). Never fear in true GGD style this isn't full of drawn out interviews and shaky van shots. The first part of the DVD is a 24+ minute mash of nature imagery, band members and miscellaneous ephemera cut and spliced to a new untitled GGD track by band member Brian Degraw. This is a psychic paramount of mindflaying audio and visual that matches their musical style in perfect fashion. The second part of the DVD is a film shot on the road by friend and fan Oliver Payne that captures some of the greatest moments of their last tour. The package also includes a CD with music cut and pasted from the band's catalog into a sound collage that was created by Degraw for the DVD. I've included an excerpt of both the audio and visual below. Retina Riddim is out May 22nd on The Social Registry.

[MP3] Gang Gang Dance -Untitled Number 3 (excerpt from Retina Riddim)

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