A double stuffed lo-fi classic from a few years back. As effortless today as it was then.

Little Wings - What Wonder 2x7"
In true Kyle Field fashion this is an off the cuff recording that captures his spirit of performance perfectly. Reportedly recorded in the front seat of a truck, the first track "Joy" is an unrehearsed piece inspired by the driver of said truck. It flows nicely into "Hanta
Yo", both backed with a new rendition of the title track that is even more raw and natural than the original (as if that was hardly possible). The second 7" is even less rehearsed and has a bit more of a throwaway quality to it. Not a bad little package nonetheless and one I'm glad I picked up at the time.

[MP3] Little Wings -What Wonder (7" version)

Also there's a new mix tape up over there on the right. Some old, some new this time. Stuff from Excepter, Es, Alexander Tucker, Black Dice, DJ Shadow and OOIOO. A live track from John Fahey and some great covers by Four Tet (Black Sabbath) and Six Organs of Admittance (Jandek).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

a great and interesting mix. favourite was the D.Brown track. The only track I'd heard already was the DJ Shadow one.
- a regular visitor, UK.

9:02 AM  

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