Dan Fröberg

Swedish Born Dan Fröberg creates meticulous sound collages that evoke a wild convoluted dream. A dream in which faces come barely into focus before they are whisked away by street noise or the laughing of children, a dream that is as full of space as it is full of clatter. Fröberg constructed most of the pieces from field recordings made in and around Kunming, China, Göttenborg, Sweden and Newcastle upon Tyne in England. The field recordings are left unprocessed but are layered on top of each other and interspersed with bits of electronic nuance. Fröberg's visions come off like a less sinister David Lynch, equally as disorienting and hallucinatory but never quite as dark and full of fear. His pieces are full of wonder, albeit a disorienting wonder that may ebb at your senses at play with the coattails of your sanity. 15 Songs (Down At Jinxey's) is out on Fylkingen Records.

[MP3] Dan Fröberg-Song Eleven
[MP3] Dan Fröberg-Song Seven (we’ve been here and we’ve been there, so we’ve been here all of the time)
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Incredible. I like this hudba.

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