A couple of garage classics that took the format into outer territories. As the garage scene blossomed the sound moved from pop and harsh pre-punk classics to embrace the blues, psychedelia and soul. Over time the whole genre began burst at the seams with promise.

The Blues Project - Projections
This band made a name for themselves playing the Cafe Au Go Go and subsequently with their albums, packed with a hard garage tinged take on the blues. This album probably sees the band at their best and most focused. A few covers and
some early Al Kooper originals incorporate a heavy dose of the blues and a taste of psychedelia yet to come. The whole affair was produced by Tom Wilson who had his hand in a few of the decade's classics. Some of the longer blues numbers can meander a bit but Kooper's jazz tinged originals shine in amongst the seamless garage fodder, and overall the album smolders with a youthful tension and ravaging explosions of pent up energy.
[MP3] The Blues Project -I Can't Keep From Cryin'
[MP3] The Blues Project - Wake Me, Shake Me

The Heads- Heads Up
Recorded in a freezing New York Studio, The Heads took bits of soul and a swagger of pop and blues and cranked them through a garage sensibility. Featuring mostly originals and a few unnecessary Beatles covers, the album hits its
stride when the band really focuses on the soul angle, downtrodden lamentations that pine with the impatience of youth. They do hit s bit of gold in the psych inflected "Land of the Stoned Soul," but despite the more psychedelic look of the cover these moments are few and far between. They mostly keep it straight and narrow and it looks like this may have been all the boys ever produced. A nice collection with some standout singles though.
[MP3] The Heads - I Found A Love (With You)
[MP3] The Heads - The Land of the Stoned Soul

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