Big A little a (Aa)

Brooklyn based rhythm mongers and purveyors of electro-skronk, Big A little a finally see a release on a big(er) label. Gigantic has wrangled together a snapshot of the fury they unleash on a live audience. Pulsating with inner demons that threaten to reach out and tear your eardrums from you, gAame is an intense delusion of sticks and fists and flashes of heat that leave you soaked in tension. This record... this band is all about drums, and lots of them. Each member wields sticks like a tribal rite and if not beating the senses out of skins or a keyboard members are given to fits of howling. With all this catastrophic action, its hard to believe that moments of beauty still find their way to peak out at the edges but peek they do. Big A little a finally make the record that captures their bumper car aesthetic perfectly. To sweeten the deal even further the band has packaged the record with a DVD full of live footage and videos that utilize the primal imagery that has always adorned their concert flyers.

[MP3] Big A little a-Thirteen
[MP3] Big A little a-Manshake

Video for "Thumper" from accompanying DVD:

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