Alexander Tucker

Tucker takes his penchant for the detuned acoustic on another fingerpicked ride through tape loops and drone-scrawled alleyways. The English songwriter has played with JOMF and Papa M. and their influence seems to have done the old boy some good. A much more consistent effort than his previous foray into the acoustic kingdom, "Furrowed Brow" is a scraggly-faced testimony, weary with a days travel; seasoned and aware enough to be bitter in the right places and content in the rest. For the most part the acoustic takes its center stage, but there's a wail in the vocals that's weighted with hurt. Bursts of fuzz and drone anchor some moments to the floor; barely able to stand the anguish, but Furrowed Brow breaks through with a weary quietude that's seasoned far beyond Tucker's years. The record lands again in the able hands of ATP recordings who put out his last record Old Fog, which though a step forward from his post-hardcore past was spotty and raw. Maturity has been a great asset to tucker and he's allowed the wounds to heal on tape.

[MP3] Alexander Tucker -You Are Many
[MP3] Alexander Tucker -Rotten Shade
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