While many other country's get their due for being breeding grounds of the psychedelic scene, Sweden is just getting theirs in retrospect. A massive gathering of talent in the area left behind a slew of releases that are seeing acceptance with a wider audience due to some great reissue labels and some hometown startups like Subliminal Sounds.

Baby Grandmothers - Baby Grandmothers
Though they only recorded one single at the time, which was released in Finland and not their native Sweden, The Baby Grandmothers managed to secure a spot as one of the heaviest
and most original bands in the Swedish scene. Comprised of members of famous R'n'B/Garage combo The T-Boones, and Bassist Bengt “Bella” Linnarsson, the band took their garage roots and threw a lot of soul crushing fuzz and thunder into the mix. The results were some exemplary live performances and an incendiary single that has been sought after by psych collectors to this day. Subliminal in Sweden and Anthology in the U.S. have gathered up all that can be found of the Baby Grandmothers' history and churned out a collection that rivals the output of many who intentionally threw down psychedelic albums at the time. The Swedish band time forgot comes back for another round.

[MP3] Baby Grandmothers - Somebody Keeps Calling My Name
[MP3] Baby Grandmothers - Being is More Than Life

International Harvester - Sov Gott Rose-Marie
The band is most known for being the stepping stone on the way to it's more popular incarnation as Träd, Gräs och Stenar but in their years together they created some pretty lasting impressions as well. Built
from the barely cold ashes of Pärsson Sound, the band created dark rhythmic jams that felt improvised but with a sense of mastery behind the curtain. A series of shorter songs and interlude type pieces build the album to the climax of three much longer tapestries of sound. The band was ultimately more successful than their roots in Pärsson Sound whoss solely instrumental approach was lost on some, but they wouldn't really get the national attention they deserved until their final transgression int to the aforementioned TGOS. A heady footnote in Sweden's scene nonetheless and a rather interesting amalgamation of Swedish tradition with the emerging psychedelic wave in general.

[MP3] International Harvester - There Is No Other Place
[MP3] International Harvester - Sov Gott Rose-Marie (Sleep Tight Rose-Marie)

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