Stars Of The Lid

Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride return to form after a 6 year hiatus. Their latest opus, And Their Refinement Of The Decline is a wandering fever dream of a record that rises and falls in almost alarmingly serene pulses. To fully absorb this album is to vault backward into space and trust that you'll only fall into nothingness. A feeling of lying back and sinking; which is terrifying but slowly as acceptance creeps in becomes not only natural but rather enjoyable. Some people are certainly going to refer to the "background qualities" that the music might possess but quite contrarily, this album is most effective the more you concentrate on it; letting the music surround you like an environment of sound. I think maybe they hit it spot on with the title of this one. It's a dark spiral downward but certainly a perfectly pleasant one. Wiltzie and McBride have nailed the sweet somber vibrations of decay, dissolution and dealing with the inevitability of both.

[MP3] Stars Of The Lid -Humectez La Mouture
[MP3] Stars Of The Lid -Articulate Silences Part 1
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hey nice lid

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