Rio En Medio

Danielle Stech Homsy sings sweet melancholy ghost songs for the broken hearted. Like the forewarning of spirits from every direction, her vocals lilt with an otherworldly distance from the music that supports it. Said music is a mixture of dissonant folk and swirling tones that try as they might are second to the crushing weight of Homsy's voice. Herself as spectral narrator; an echo of warning across vast spans of time. The music however, can't be discounted; utilizing a rather lackadaisical pluck of guitars and somber clang of bells amongst the disorienting clamor of effects, she finds the beauty in distance and the comfort of space. The entire album sings in the trees and plays on the wind; at once sweet and cold and lonely. Rio En Medio's The Bride of Dynamite is out now on Gnomonsong.

[MP3] Rio En Medio -Tiger's Ear
[MP3] Rio En Medio -Joe Was On The Plane
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