Part Chimp

British noise barons/ grunge miners Part Chimp wrangle together the jagged pieces of their B-sides and some rarities for a pummeling collection that gives a pretty good overview of what the band is all about. The band, who in no way give of the vibe of English Isles so much as they do Seattle circa 1993, channel the ghosts of grunge's past into a torrent of distortion soaked sweat and fury. Forgoing the whims of fashion and fickle tastes, Part Chimp take a swing at your head and challenge an arms-crossed indie audience to remember when they used to slam into the person next to them out of principle. The collection digs up the debris left behind by the band so far, and for the most part it's a pretty nice pile (with the exception of a well-meaning but questionable Beatles cover). Cup is out soon on Monitor, home of RSTB faves Indian Jewelry and features a pretty great contribution of album art from Shaun Flynn.

[MP3] Part Chimp -Crash The High Octave
[MP3] Part Chimp -Miser Chimp
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Listen to Part Chimp's "New Cross":

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