Lavender Diamond

Following their recent signing to Matador and the reissue of their EP The Calvary of Light, Lavender Diamond finally return with a proper full length. The band's endearingly sweet melodies are completely shattered by the force and charisma of Becky Stark's vocals. Her delivery fairly shimmers with a hopeful innocence and added to their hippyish leanings towards an overt message of peace and love saving the day make this a completely delightful listen. It's a welcomely unjaded record in a time when cynicism is much more accepted than hope. Stark conjures images of unspoiled childhood; just spinning in circles until you fall down laughing. A time when you don't worry about the grass stains on your knees and the dirt in your hair. Their record Imagine Our Love captures this feeling of naiveté and mixes it with beautifully somber songs that let you know that their hope is anything but naive, just a positive outlook in the face of overwhelming life. Imagine Our Love is out on May 8th.

[MP3] Lavender Diamond -Here Comes One
[MP3] Lavender Diamond -Like An Arrow
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