German composer Volker Bertelmann explores the possibilities of the prepared piano on his debut for FatCat, Room To Expand. In an ever expanding genre of composers with a cinematic scope, Bertelmann adds an element of uncontrolled disarray to his beautiful vignettes that brim with candid emotion. Like realizing for the first time that routine has become you, the pieces reveal the layers underneath the piano's perfect surface. The pieces themselves expressive and quirky; begin to feel worn by blips and odd clunks of hammers hitting clamps and decisively placed bits of leather strapping. The mellifluous plinking of piano keys begins to unravel into frailty. The alternately sprightly and somber pieces rattle and buzz until you can fairly peel away the layers of false pretense exposing the shaky and worn truth beneath.

[MP3] Hauschka -One Wish
[MP3] Hauschka -Sweet Spring Come
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really need to give this record a few more spins, but so far i think it is a beautiful record.


Wrong end of the seesaw

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