Floating Flower

Shamanistic and decidedly down tempo release from the Acid Mother's camp; this CD reissue of the previously vinyl only releases 1 and 2 combines the trancy keyboards and guitars courtesy Kawabata Makoto with the vocal incantations and tabla of Makoto compatriots Yuki and Kaneko Tetsuya. With the latter two being friends of Mokoto's who regularly spend their time traveling around India, the raga vibe is all over this release. Makoto's distinctive guitar has the fire and static turned down but is no less mesmerizing as it languishes under Yuki's indecipherable yowls and stabs of violin and the slow pulse of Tetsuya's Tabla. For a pair that Makoto describes as unconcerned with releasing music, the sounds that they took the time to lay down are wonderful. This record feels like the unforced and obvious output of people who have spent their lives around the style; just playing the music they feel is right for the time.

[MP3] Floating Flower -Shizuku No Youni
[MP3] Floating Flower -Walk In The Air
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