Following their massive release and subsequent re-release of Ta Det Lugnt, Dungen finally return with a new album of Acid Prog classics of future's past. Still mining the water's of 1976, Gustav Estes and crew have created an album that retains the same spirit as their last but turns down a bit of the urgency and ups the moody moments in between the searing guitar. The fret-ravaging blasts of Fuzz still lurk around every corner but this album seems a little less tumultuous, not that I can understand a word that comes out of his mouth, but there's more of an even temper. Maybe it just doesn't catch me as off guard as the last did. However, it's still an exceptional character study in mid-70's rock excess for which I have loved Dungen in the past. Their new album Tio Bitar is out May 1st.

[MP3] Dungen -Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig*
[MP3] Dungen -Mon Amour*

*Removed per label's request.

[MP3] Dungen -Familj
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