A couple heavy blues inflenced guitar classics that have the tracks of the psychedelic generation breathing down their neck but traces of the proto-metal that was yet to come. The transitory time between these periods remains a rather shining and formative time for the electric guitar. A time when the instrument began to stand out as a force that couldn't be ignored.

N.S.U. - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down
This Scottish band played a tight rhythmic blues influenced style that had the hints of what would come with proto-metal. Its a little light in places to really hinge on that tag too closely but the heaviness is
definitely there. The real draw for this album is the pulsing intensity that hangs in both the lighter songs and definitely when they step up the tempo and hit that hard edge on the guitar. A pleasant alternative to the formerly British dominated heavy rock of the period. It retains many of the same qualities but has its own distinct interpretation of both the blues and psych influences popping up at the time. Not an instant classic but a slow grower that shows more interesting shades each time you listen.

[MP3] N.S.U.- Turn On, Or Turn Me Down
[MP3] N.S.U.- You Can't Take It From My Heart

Big Brother Feat. Ernie Joseph - Confusion
Influenced by the guitar sounds of Hendrix, Cream and Jeff Beck, The Bill Holmes produced Confusion is an incendiary classic of British blues style guitar rock. The band, not to be confused with the similarly
named and of course more popular Big Brother and the Holding Company made a name for themselves as a great live performance, often encouraging audience participation. Their on stage energy comes across well on the record, resulting in a loose charismatic album that only slows down long enough to sing a serenade on "Wake Me In The Morning." The rest blisters through with searing guitar virtuosity from Ernie Joseph and an organ sound that shows no signs of prog's impending overindulgence. A rock record from start to finish.

[MP3] Big Brother Feat. Ernie Joseph - L.L.A. (Lubricated Love Affair)
[MP3] Big Brother Feat. Ernie Joseph - Saint James Infirmary

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is THE BBATHC that Janis was a member of. Thought I'd mention it.

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Blogger dissensous said...

Well everything I've ever found about this album either points out that they aren't related or says nothing of the connection but if you've found some documentation about the band I'd love to check it out.

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