Another dig into the crate pulls a newer release this time so some classic tracks will just have to wait until next week, but that's the way the needle drops so I say deal with it.

Tall Birds - 'Internalize/ The Sky Is Falling'
Members of the Catheters regroup and reform as the Tall Birds, a garage combo that makes heavy use of the Stooges/MC5 model as a touchstone. A fairly decent release considering its their first. Sub Pop
even threw them some alumni status and put it out for them, so hey that's a leg up you don't get everyday. A little sloppy, but a far sight from the sloppiness that was the Catheters. Hell I think I might have even picked this up for the fun of the cover art alone. Well worth the $4.00 spin.

[MP3] Tall Birds -Internalize

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