For a band from Seattle, Welcome sound incredibly British. Their take on 60's inflected rock as squeezed through a snarled punk filter is dripping with brit rock's entire history. Their songs have a bit of a flagrant swagger and raw energy to them but just when you think you've got them pegged they throw in a female fronted track that's soaked in lush dreamy 80's pop. Welcome are at their best when they stick to the bombast and sweat soaked rockers that squiggle with life and kick out the third floor windows out of spite. However, even when they slow down a disparate tension of aggression versus restraint bubbles underneath just aching to tear the track off its hinges. Definitely a record that has to grow on you, but it's worth the time to get acquainted. Their album Sirs is out this spring on FatCat records.

[MP3] Welcome -All Set
[MP3] Welcome -Natural Frost
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