Svarte Greiner

Better known as Erik Skodvin of Deaf Center, his Svarte Greiner project jumps even deeper into a spooky underworld of sounds than he has formerly produced. Creating a Lynchian arsenal of samples that creak and scratch at the subconscious, Skodvin gives life to the sounds of nightmares. The record is undoubtedly dark but very subtle; it's wheezing with apprehension rather than loud jarring bumps. This is horror as seen through the eyes of older artisans. The monsters in Skodvin's world never show themselves. As soon as you turn to look they're gone, leaving you more worried about your sanity than what might actually lurk in the shadows. Skodvin makes his demons your demons at least for a little while. Svarte Greiner's, Knive is out now on the ever impressive Type Records. Also of note are some impressive mixes that Erik has worked up under the Svarte Geiner moniker over at Deaf Center and SG home Miasmah. He has crafted an especially interesting mix with a lighter but still chilling feel called Under The Leaves. Go check those out as well.

[MP3] Svarte Greiner -The Boat Was My Friend
[MP3] Svarte Greiner -Easy On The Bones
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fine review of a beast of a record. The Skodvin-produced Greg Haines record is highly recommended too.

11:13 AM  
Blogger zincink said...

I am enjoying this spooky ear mixture. Just close your eyes.

1:38 PM  
Blogger root said...

brilliant. thank you very much!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Peteski said...


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