Madeline's songs are the sound of late summer just before fall, with a cool breeze and the sweet smell of grass mingling with the newly fallen leaves. Her voice lilts with a slight hint of an accent that prickles your senses as it tumbles through her tales of love and ennui. Each note is plucked from the air with a gentle yet insistent conviction that resonates in cascading waves over the barest touches of acoustic guitar. Released on Athens Label/ Artist collective Orange Twin, she fits their sense of respect for the past but in a very atypical way. She stands out as a true singer songwriter amongst their stable of indie pop enthusiasts. Nonetheless her release The Slow Bang comes as one of the most refreshingly unpretentious, heartfelt country narratives released this year.

[MP3] Madeline -To Hell and Back
[MP3] Madeline -Uncle's Sweetheart Pt. 2
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orange Twin is a cool organization and all, but that girl needs to be on one of the big indie labels.

I've seen her play at least 10 times, she's amazing.

8:15 AM  

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