Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson writes endearingly simple songs accented with a subtle use of fingerpicking. Her album was recorded by Adam Selzer and with members of Norfolk and Western and released by Hush Records. Quiet and comforting, Gibson sings modern lullabies that sway and creak with the plaintive nuances of her northwestern Oregon upbringing. The songs are sparse with slight bits of orchestration just peeking at the edges of her sad, but strong voice. Even when the tempo turns upbeat there's always a hint of bittersweet resolve, or maybe it's that there's always an air of sweetness even when her songs feel they've turned for the bleak. Either way she has a captivating way of holding you in her breath and nudging you with her fingertips.

[MP3] Laura Gibson -Hands In Pockets
[MP3] Laura Gibson -Wintering
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