Deerhoof continue to reinvent the pop song. Throwing elements of garage, punk, pop and shoegaze into a bag and shaking as violently as they can, the results of which often shift within the same song. On top of the mixture is the ever-present chirp of Satomi Matsuzaki weaving it's way in and out of frantic drumming and a tangled mess of pop influences. Friend Opportunity, their latest release has a healthy dose of serene moments sprinkled in amongst the clamor but it's still always been the frenzy that's kept me hooked on Deerhoof. The serene moments do show another side of the band though; bits of lush pop take precedence over negative space, even slowing to an orchestral croon at times. It seems that even those on the front edge of pop have to slow down and look back at it from hindsight. Though losing longtime member Chris Cohen to his solo project, the band still retains an immediacy that's shot through your ears like pop rocks through a kaleidoscope. They release Friend Opportunity January 23rd on Kill Rock Stars

[MP3] Deerhoof -The Perfect Me
[MP3] Deerhoof -The Galaxist
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