The Battles

This record isn't exactly that new anymore but it's one that has taken me a little time to wrap myself around. Mostly the work of Stephen Wood, The Battles have evolved and changed lineups incessantly since their last record. Seems to have all been for a good cause though, Tomorrow's Eager Hands has layers of productions stacked so tightly that half of the fun is just peeling them apart. Songs shift and take several forms; slowly burning from subtle beginnings to hook laden coda's. Dark brooding songs, that seethe with the kind of grand menace that Bowie conjures and are polished with the subtle whimsy of Ray Davies. Wood has a voice that can comfort or anger the blood depending on his desire; but either way the passion in his voice never wavers. This record really takes some time to get into but like the best sort of records the more you listen to it the better it becomes. Tomorrow's Eager Hands is out now on Soft Abuse.

[MP3] The Battles -Suzanne
[MP3] The Battles -We Were Right To Fight
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