Women And Children

I picked up Women and Children's last record about a year ago after hearing a few tracks from an limited UK vinyl release. The record was hazy and ethereal with lilting female vocals creeping in over the swirls of folk and muted guitar. This release, which sees light thanks to Narnack records has definitley toned down the mysteriousness that marked their self titled release. The haze has been burnt away by more of a focus on pop influences; and where before only the lone female voice poked through, now the vocals are a pretty even split of male and female. It still retains a bit of an air of the unknown but the jangle of guitars is definitely more the focus rather than the washy haze I loved on the last record. Still its a really solid release with some great dark folk songs.

[MP3] Women and Children -Mary Blues
[MP3] Women and Children -General Winter
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