It's easy to see why Thurston Moore put this out on his Eccstatic Peace label. Tam's self titled, Thurston compiled retrospective is rife with the kind of lo fi 90's inflected indie that haunts his past. Tam proves that the loner/ lo-fi angle resonates just as well with the female perspective as it does with the hundreds of male counterparts that have bullied the sound for years. Many of the songs are sparse and can be a little rough but they pulsate with a subdued catchiness and a classic indie rock hangover. With an aloofness that puts you in your place and any sweetness seeming a bit tongue in cheek; Tam growls with a voice doused in vinegar and sweat. She's the kind of female singer that's been awol from the music scene for about 15 years and its about time for a return.

[MP3] TAM -Take What U Need
[MP3] TAM -1000 Watts
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