Sinoia Caves

Jeremy Schmidt is most well known for his involvement with Black Mountain but his side project leaves their tense acid washed rock sounding like a watered down trip. His Hawkwind by way of krautrock dive into the murkiest depths of space rock is a disorienting trip into deep undersea caves, aptly named indeed. The shorter pieces swirl, pulse and throb with bits of 70's analog experimentalism but the real centerpieces here are the lengthy sonic dronescapes that push past the fifteen minute mark. Schmidt leaves all physicality behind creating the kind of music that you can get lost in for hours discovering the aural colors inherent in his drones folded in layers of echo. "The Enchanted Persuaded" is out on Jagjaguwar on December 5th. The album is a repackaged and remastered version of Jeremy's self released album from 2002. If we're lucky they'll have the good sense to issue it on vinyl but I'm not crossing my fingers yet.

[MP3] Sinoia Caves -Naro Way
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