The Mooney Suzuki

The Mooney Suzuki are a band I instantly liked the first time I heard them. They encompass every aspect of what made 60's garage bands great; frantic, propulsive drumming, loose guitars and a cocky sneer of youth. Their story kinda reads like a nuggets bio as well, missed opportunities and dicey career moves have kind of skewed the track that could have made them one of the biggest bands of the late garage revivalism. Top it off with a late major label signing and a production stint from some hit-machine and it looks dim. All that aside; this re-release of their first ep sees the band at it's loosest and most raw. Just some young punks with a penchant for pure dirty, catchy rock n' roll. The EP along with some choice bonus material practically smells of stale beer and sweat right out of the package. Even with headphones you can still feel 100 kids packed into Coney Island High or Brownies just moving to the crunch of electric mayhem.

[MP3] The Mooney Suzuki -Half Of My Heart
[MP3] The Mooney Suzuki -I Can Only Give You Everything
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