Múm - Peel Sessions

Icelandic collective Mum have always walked the line between dreams and reality. Their blend of experimental electronica and cinematic orchestration coupled with almost childlike vocals bring to mind fractured images of childhood fears and cloudy daydreams. The music also invokes the cold climate of their homeland; cascading down the back of your neck in tiny droplets that induce shivers on impact. Alive with wonderment and curiosity, the songs run down lonely dirt roads only stopping once in a while to watch the icy rain collect in the ripples of puddles. John Peel was able to capture their transition from a burgeoning band in the wake of their first album to their rise to experimentation on 'Finally We Are No One.' These tracks are a testament to their creative spirit and ingenuity. The Peel Sessions will be released on FatCat on December 4th

[MP3] Múm -Now There Is That Fear Again (Peel Session)
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