Indian Moon

Scott Wheeler creates hushed backporch folk that sneaks into your subconscious on a bed of fog. Lyrically dark and calm, Scott creates a vision isolation and escape. He picks his guitar with a tenderness that evokes a lingering sadness. He is helped on this record by his band mates from The Clockwork Army, Emily Neveu and Dave Pettijohn amongst others. Though his work with that band is nothing to scoff at, his recordings as Indian Moon show an intimacy and insight that is far beyond their work; desolate and captivating, pastoral and haunting. That's Scott on the left up there with Dave and Emily pouncing on him. His record will be released by Banter Records soon.

[MP3] Indian Moon -Sleeping With His Gun
[MP3] Indian Moon -Better Friend
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these are beautiful
your blog is amazing

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