Grails have culled together the tracks from their previously vinyl only Black Tar Prophecies. After the separation of the band and their violinist it appears that they decided to reject their previous "post-rock" status and go in a bit of a different direction. The songs are still sprawling instrumentals but the swells of post rock have been replaced with a deeper appreciation for experimentation and a dusty natural sound. The record reeks of barren landscapes and gray foreboding skies. It's the sound of uncertain terrain, and checking over your shoulder every so often. The smell of dust and wet pavement hang heavy on this one. They've retained a sense of cinematic scope but its much less forced here. This record echoes the turnaround that Earth performed on their last record; trading in walls of volume for an interest in the use of space and the tones of the American west. Released by the ever consistent Important Records.

[MP3] Grails -Smokey Room
[MP3] Grails -More Erosion
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