The Apples In Stereo

The apples in stereo return! Ah always good to see a familiar face back from my youth. I've been a longtime fan of The Apples and I'm overjoyed at the release of two great Elephant 6 records in one year (see: The Minders). It seems that the band has lost a drummer but Schneider hasn't lost his penchant for writing the perfect pop song. After the last album's foray into power pop, the strum is back and the distortion is turned down positioning this record somewhere in just below "Discovery" Territory but sharing the love for interludes that "Wallpaper" had. This record hasn't grabbed me with as much of a consistency as either of those classics; but keeping in mind that most songwriters these days don't even deserve to play croquet with Schneider, let alone share a stage with him it's nothing to sweat over. The jangly pop is still front and center and there are so many hooks that you could hold a pre-school's worth of coats on this record. Robert seems to have incorporated a little of his side project's love for electronics and keys but it mostly shows up on the interludes which makes it not so disconcerting as to call it the Marbles in Stereo or anything. Solid E6, and pretty solid Schneider too.

[MP3] The Apples In Stereo-Energy
[MP3] The Apples In Stereo -Skyway
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