White Magic

Their first full album finds White Magic sounding more cohesive than ever. Their preceding EP, while an absorbing release, was stylistically all over the map. The styles melded well and were always tied together by the powerful force of Mira Billotte's voice, but it still felt a bit disjointed. Her voice is still first and foremost the thing that grabs your attention but their new album, Dat Rosa Mel Apibus is backed by an able body of intricate songs that border on the edges of the new folk movement but stray much farther into a sort of baroque pop. The songs swell with powerful rolling piano lines and undercurrents of guitar twang. The entire album is swaddled in a dark current of lyricism and washes of minor chords, making their mystical namesake applicable but never so much as venturing into any renaissance fair drivel. Their new album will be out November 14 on Drag City in beautiful gold inlaid packaging.

[MP3] White Magic -Sun Song
[MP3] White Magic -Katie Cruel
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