Well I've come to the realization that while there are so many great overlooked albums of the sixties and seventies, it was still a time that was driven by the single. So many bands could write a great song but far less could sustain it for a whole album. With that in mind I've decided to start the Re-released into the Wild Perpetual Jukebox, which I'll substitute in for our regular smattering of reissue love every so often. Five slices of perfect garage, pop or psych from bands that may not have dropped an essential album but for 2-3 minutes they were still geniuses.

[MP3] The Nazz -Open My Eyes
Say what you want for the songwriting talents of Todd Rundgren. His later works produced many a great song but try as I might I couldn't get into the bulk of The Nazz' output; the exception being this song. Sharp stabs of organ crack the beginning, and once that fuzz guitar comes in its all over. To top it all off they hit you halfway through with a heavy dose of phasing that brings it into a great psych pop territory and complete it with a catchy chorus. One of Todd's finest.

[MP3] The Guess Who -It's My Pride
The Guess Who are by no means a band that strayed into the territory I discussed above. As a long running staple of 70's radio they cut many a great record. However most of that output is a great deal tamer than this cut. 'It's My Pride' was an early single that comes right out of the gate with an incredibly propulsive fuzz bass riff that shakes the speakers. The band would never really sound as raw and powerful as they did right here.

[MP3] Goldrush -Somebody's Turning on the People
Recorded at Apple studios, this song kinda co-ops the counterculture message but the hooks are so huge and laden with a nice swirl of 60's effects that it doesn't really matter. Bordering on bubblegum psych territory the song is one of the better examples of the output from the lesser bands of the scene that birthed The Iveys and Badfinger.

[MP3] Sarofeen and Smoke -It's Love
Hailing from the illustrious stable of Pye Records artists, Sarofeen and Smoke lay down a track that befits their name. The track runs the borderline of the psychfolk sound with a constant acoustic strum supported by eerie organ and a witchy vocal delivery. This track drips with the sort of mysticism that emanates from dark moors and vacant manors. A great example of the Pye sound... well except in English.

[MP3] Shaun Harris -Today's a Day
This solo track from Shaun Harris, member of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, is dripping with melancholy. A total assertion of the malaise that sets in right about a quarter of the way through life; this song sums up the complete pessimistic world view. The only real disappointment for me is that Shaun didn't keep this up for a whole album. His father contributed lush orchestration to his album, giving it a great overall sound but aside from this song the output is rather lackluster. One true gem from a great dour songwriter.
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