Justin Vollmar bangs out skewed folk songs in the vein of Phil Elverum and Kyle Field. His songs are stripped down and lo-fi but with a playful edge of experimentation and apparent lack of respect for the normal methods of recording. His latest record Okay which comes out in November on Blue Sanct, is a haunting portrait of interpersonal relationships with the most interesting tracks centering around a character named Sue. Some songs are intrinsically melodic while others bury those feelings under restrained feedback and tape scratch. The latter tracks plunging the record into darker more emotionally charged territory echoing a feeling of sorrow and regret under the fray.

[MP3] Vollmar-Jealous of Sue
[MP3] Vollmar -Abby
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call posting this one. It's a charming record by a charming singer/songwriter. Definitely deserves some attention!

9:55 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Good stuff; thanks for posting it. New to me, and I'll be sure to dig deeper.

9:08 PM  

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