Tom Brosseau

Tom Brosseau sings songs that not only evoke a simpler and more quaint time, they sort of transport you there for the moment. Much like the music of Matt Bauer and Jolie Holland, Brosseau's music is wrapped in the nuances of vocal jazz and early pre-war folk but filtered through a modern singer-songwriter point of view. His croons feel as if they could ease your pain, distract you from hours of toil or maybe just provide a little light entertainment in a time before too many distractions called at your attention every waking moment. Plaintive first person narratives about life and love and all the little things in between. Tom's album Empty Houses Are Lonely is out now on Fat Cat Records and he just wrapped up a tour with label mate Nina Nastasia.

[MP3] Tom Brosseau -Lonesome Valley
[MP3] Tom Brosseau -Dark Garage
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