TK Webb

Normally I tend to write off blues singers who seem too young to have really earned the right to sing the style. I can't say I have any real respect for Johnny Lang, even if the kid can play, and this is mostly because his playing lacks the real heart of the blues. Despite his age, TK Webb has channeled this spirit and I'll be damned if he isn't the reincarnation of a true old soul bluesman. His songwriting and gnarled bourbon rasp channel the likes of Leadbelly and Robert Johnson for a newer generation. When this rasp is most prominent, TK can charm a whisky off the barmaid with the best of them. His new album Phantom Parade is a bit cleaner and warmer than his previous offering but it doesn't entirely suffer from the polish. The album is honest and captivating, the new shine can't really hide the tatters that peek out at the edges; tatters that give character rather than shame. Phantom Parade is out November 22 on The Social Registry.

[MP3] TK Webb -Phantom Parade
[MP3] TK Webb -Wet Eye'd Morn
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