Sometimes, no matter how much a band seems to possess the ability to break out, incredible hindrances will keep them from realizing their potential. Most bands that get relegated to the nuggets bin have some sort of tale of hardship or bad luck behind them but what I'm talking about here is more than mere band squabbling or that missed opportunity when the label came to town. These bands certainly had the talent to make an impact at the time they were released but it seems that it just wasn't meant to be.

Fat were a great Massachusettes band with a sound that balanced the bluesy rockers on the East Coast with a bit of West Coast psych akin to Quicksilver Messenger Service. The band seemed pretty well on course. They toured with the
Allman Brothers, recorded their first album under the production of Felix Papallardi and garnered a deal with RCA. They even had a follow up scheduled but fate struck them down in the form of a drug bust that resulted in their dismissal from RCA. The band was not able to obtain another deal following the arrest even with two follow up records that were both helmed by Pappallardi.

[MP3] FAT - Shape I'm In
[MP3] FAT - Country Girl

Mountain Bus - Sundance
Mountain Bus' tale rings ominously today in a time of Major Label consolidation and independent labels gaining more attention. Coming out of Chicago in the early 70's, Mountain Bus' debut was put out by local independent, Good Records.
Their sound was decidedly West Coast with overtones of the Grateful Dead marking most of their work. Good Records and Mountain Bus were sued by Columbia Records over copyright infringement with the band Mountain. Columbia claimed that the names were too similar and that they were diverting revenue from the larger band despite the fact that Mountain Bus formed four years prior to Mountain and was largely unheard of outside of the Chicago area. Columbia's actions are mostly attributed to their seeing Good Records as a threat, being a small label who were releasing records cheaper than the Majors. The lawsuit pushed the label into bankruptcy and the band sunk with it.

[MP3] Mountain Bus - Rosalie
[MP3] Mountain Bus - Sing A New Song

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