The Skygreen Leopards Sing Vol. 1

Glenn and Donnovan have begun a new project in which they are pressing up homemade CD-rs of themselves covering artists that they fancy. The first of which is The Skygreen Leopards Sing the Songs of the Lindner Brothers. The SGL's cover the songs of both their compatriot Cayce Lindner and his brother Sidney; choosing their favorite songs from the brothers' Golden Hotel project and Sidney's Hotel Alexis. They paint an apt tribute to two of the new class of folk's overlooked troubadours. Both brothers' catalogs are rife with lonesome outsider anthems that lend themselves easily to the Leopards' sparse delivery. These are done sans the Skyband, pure SGL in its truest form. The release is bound in signature Skygreen collage work and is now available at their site with the promise of more in the series yet to come.

[MP3] The Skygreen Leopards -Broken Sparrow (Hotel Alexis)
[MP3] The Skygreen Leopards -Palisades (Golden Hotel)
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