Risto are an interesting fit for the Fonal label. They don't even scratch the surface of folk. Quite literally they are the most rock oriented thing I've heard come out of that camp. Their style varies from flat out hard rock to disco bounce to a bit of tenderness, albeit some awkward tenderness as the entire record is evened out with their never wavering flatly delivered vocals. These are apparently (or so I gather) a bit of an homage to Finnish band Levi & the Leevings. They certainally add a bit of humor to the record, but not so much as to make it feel silly or cheapen the impact. The mish-mash of styles actually comes out quite cohesive and when Risto do decide to rock they really let go with some icy cool 70's glam/ punk style rockers that make you stand up and take sharp notice. Risto's latest record Aurinko Aurinko Plaa Plaa Plaa is out now but for some reason not on many a U.S. internet retailer right now. Go bug your local record store.

[MP3] Risto -Rakkauden Rock
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Blogger Kevin said...

Hi, I really enjoyed this song. It has a very frenzied, wall of sound feel to it. I like the fact that I have no idea what the lead singer is saying. Please chcek out my blog if you like to hear a wide variety of underground music.


5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting "Rakkauden Rock" by Risto. I just love this song! I'm ordering the album right this minute.

11:02 PM  

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