Larkin Grimm

I'm so glad that Larkin has another record out. Harpoon Baptism was one of the great records of last year and I think I may have included "Pigeon Food" on almost every mix tape I've made since then. She has an uncanny ability to mix melodicism and dissonance in just the right proportions. Her strong folk songs never drip with too much sweetness but enough of folk's traditional structure remains within her experimentalism to keep them shy of the acoustic noise style. Like many of her contemporaries in the new female folk tradition her voice is strong and resilient. She plays and sings with the kind of conviction that used to lift spirits and strengthen the resolve of all who listened. Depending on her octave range she sings as mother, friend and child all in one. Combined with her use of multitracked vocals and the addition of bouzouki, bells and various other noise makers, her songs are a gentle way to rip down the barriers of your consciousness. Her new record The Last Tree is out this month on Secret Eye.

[MP3] Larkin Grimm -Link In Your Chain
[MP3] Larkin Grimm -Rocky Top
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