The Dirty Projectors

Dirty projectors new EP New Attitude is an wonderful mix of sweet soulful vocals delivered over a palatte of beats ranging from shuffling calypso to thick dub inflected bass and fractured synth lines. This is honestly the kind of thing I expected to hear when I first heard the term experimental doo wop applied to TVOTR. Not to say I was all that dissappointed with their actual output but I think Dave Longstreth and his cohorts may be a bit more deserving of the title. The whole record fights itself between seeming sweet and endearing and then swinging to disconcerting musical moments that you'd swear weren't meant to be juxtaposed You'd swear they were'nt meant to if longstreth didn't make it seem so ridiculously natural.

[MP3] The Dirty Projectors -Imagine It
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